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Originally Posted by motog View Post
My R75/5 scrambler project is coming along nicely and now it's time to look at some dual purpose (or dualsport if you like) tires.

Tire sizes are: 3.25x19 front 4.00x18 rear.

I've been doing a lot of looking around and a fair bit of internet research but I've hit a bit of a problem: clearance to the swingarm on the R75/5 is tiny. I'm currently running Metzeler road tires and there is less than half an inch clearance. Putting most dual purpose tires on there may not work. I don't want to shell out money for tires that won't fit.

Has anyone else done this? What did you use? Any problems with swing arm clearance?

Background: I probably do 50-60% riding on roads. The road tires are ok on tight dirt or good gravel but are just plain scary on loose surfaces or mud/clay. I'd like to be able to increase the ability to ride on less certain surfaces. I'm not expecting to keep up with the KTMs.

Any advice gratefully accepted. Thanks

Don't you know you have to post pics in order to get advice?
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