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I don't actually mind the oil threads. For the wetheads it'll be the same, but with one slight alteration.

1. Take the chart in your bikes manual. Make a list of the oils that are compatible. Generally it's large range of weights, and an certification that generally specifies an oil made in the last 20 years.

2. Go to the store, pick an oil that speaks to you. Marketing plays a big role in the oils people pick. All of those test results? Also marketing. Pick the one you like. I usually go for the one with the most bullshit on the bottle.

3. Cross reference the oil that you like with the oil list just to make sure it fits. Buy a gallon of it and enjoy.

I would say that if you have the new R1200 LC with the wet clutch, you might want to buy an oil that is compatible with a wet clutch, though not all people do that, and it generally works out fine. If you have the old R1200, it doesn't really matter, but you might want those extra friction modifiers they put in there for cars, because why the hell not?
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