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We spend only one night in Vilanculos as the beach was not the best to swim in and the prices were on the high end.

We decided to wake up early the next day to head to the border town of Chimoio. It was probably on of the longest day so far on the bike and we were happy that we were making very good time.

However, 10 miles before reaching the town the bike started to feel different and we decided to stop to find out our first flat of the trip.

I had the bike for more than 3 years and never had a flat until that day. I never had change the tire on a F800GS which made it for a very interesting learning!

I was able to break the bead fairly quickly by taking the boxes off the bike, dropping the bike of the floor and kicking the wheel as hard as I could. I got off the tire, removed the innertube and found the nail that caused the head ache!

The BIG challenge was getting the tire back on the rim. I tried as hard as I could, I got some locals that were passing by to help me and finally I gave up. I got a local guy to put the tire on the back of his bicycle and walk to the nearest mechanic.

While we were there we got to meet the owners of the shop. The big guy on the picture saw the Research Malaria stickers and started telling us his story with malaria. Head it almost every year! He also told us about all the challenges in the area.

Anyway, after 3 hours or more we manage to put the tire back together. Finally, I was happy to be back on the road but withing a few minutes of riding the back tire was flat again. I was closer to town and tired. So we decided just to keep putting more air on the tire until we reached our backpackers place for the night.

The next morning we put air on the tire and drove to a tire place. When they took the tire apart it was full of holes. We pinched the shit out of it trying to put it together.

The next day we headed to Harare so see the facilities of Riders for Health.

Denis, one of the Director, was there waiting for us. He explained to us all the work they do training healthcare workers to ride bikes and providing the service of vehicle maintenance. Amazing work!

That day we were lucky that they were conducting a training and could join part of it.

They were doing both off-road and on-road techniques.

After Harare we headed to Great Zimbabwe. It was good ride until we got another flat tire!

I'm not sure the cause of it as there was no nail or thorn. It seems that the mechanics pinched the tired when putting back together but we had ridden with it more than 500 miles. This time we were able to change the tire in record time. 80 minutes from realizing we had a flat to packing everything back and being on the road.

View of Great Enclosure from the hill.

Walking n the wall of the Great Enclosure.

Great Zimbabwe is largest pre-colonial building in sub-saharan Africa and second only to the Pyramids of Egypt in Africa. It was a great place to visit and to learn more about the Shona culture.

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