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Originally Posted by Adrian V View Post
Thanks for responding.

I see your reasoning for using the lights you do and I'm sure their output is great, I suppose I'm just scratching about to see what's possible for maximum light/adequate power draw for the DRZ.
I live in regional Western Australia and live out of town, plenty of roos.... The lights need to be able to throw and pick up the edge of the road and while I'm normally on high beam, I need a pretty good low beam as well, nothing worse than losing most of your vision if you need to dip your lights .
I hadn't thought about putting the HID in the low beam, that would certainly help, until you suggested that I'd sort of decided to have an HID high as a driving light, switched by the main beam (legal in Oz) and hoped a Bi-Halogen would work for low and an additional high beam. I've just been posting with someone who has this combination on a DRZ and likes it.
Do you think your HID upgrade would fit/work in a Bi-Halogen?
If I go that way, would you be willing to substitute a Bi-Halogen for the low beam module?


The Bi-Halogen is a different lamp, so the HID upgrade won't work with it. What I'm a bit confused with is that a projector low beam dedicated lamp with it's very wide beam pattern and sharp cutoff, combined with a free flow high beam that is on at the same time, is the best light coverage you will get.
To get the most out of the two dedicated lamps, they need to be HID and to get even more they need to be physically bigger, or get more of them.

So, if you wanted both lights on all the time, it's the High beam that you would want to have as a Bi halogen or better still, a Bi Xenon. I definitely wouldn't drop out the dedicated projector low for a 'compromise' Bi- Halogen unit .

Anyway, all our lights come in big batches direct from Hella, so we can't do a 'one off', without going to a Hella retailer. So if you wanted to substitute either ( or both) of the lights we supply, then that is no problem, but you would be best sourcing the unit you want over there from a Hella dealer.

Cheers Ian
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