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Originally Posted by NikonsAndVStroms View Post
It has to be....there's no way the XBox can do those graphics. I know my GTX 660 is at the edge of being able to properly run BF3 so I'm hoping I wont lose much of that with BF4.

I just wish they would do I'm going to have Steam, Desura, UPlay, and Origin on any PC. But looking around Origin does do sales so I think I'll pick up BF4 on Black Friday online. I did that for Borderlands 2 on XBox 360 and you wait 2 months and get the game for half off.

There will be PS3/360 versions for sure but the next generation systems will also be out around then and they will likely be able to provide the equivalent of maxed out PC graphics @ 1080P. There's less overhead with a console and they can optimize it for a specific GPU which helps...and is why decade old technology in the 360 is just starting to really show its age in the last year or 2.
OH, no. I wasn't saying that video was from one of the current consoles, no way that could physically happen.

With the new consoles, yes they will be much more powerful than current ones. However, PC components are always getting better. PS4/New Xbox may be able to do great things right now, but it seems like every 6 months the GPU guys come out with better stuff, and every 12-18 months for CPUs. So, even in a little over a year from now (not a year after the new consoles come out) PC will still be far and away more capable than the consoles.

Just because they are more capable doesn't mean the developers will take advantage of those capabilities, for all the reasons and more that you mentioned.

Either way, the consoles are going to be great, and PC will always be good as well if you can afford to stay ahead of the curve tech-wise (I can't). I currently have both a PS and XBox... If Microsoft puts a Blu-ray in the new Xbox, it is likely I will NOT be buying the new Playstation. I do not play enough games to justify the purchase of both plus having a decent PC. And with the XBox being a great entertainment hub on top of the games, it just makes sense to go that route. (Based on what I do with the consoles. Your opinions and values may be different.)

Oh, and my current PS/Blu-ray works fine, so I do not see myself upgrading for that reason (Blu-ray capability) alone anyway. In other words, Sony may be in trouble if more people think the way I do.
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