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Originally Posted by trainman View Post
For those that installed the DRC 12 o'clock Labs LED Tail Lamp, was it a plug and play, or did you have to tap into the factory wiring harness with connectors that were not factory plug and play. Thanks for any info on this.

It's not a plug and play.

I'm installing mine on Saturday, I'm sure others will let you know, but my quick read of the destructions it states you cut the bikes wires about 6" from the harness and connect them with the supplied connectors. It looks like they give you at least 12 connectors... I'm guessing crimp on & male/female???

I was suprised mine came with the separate 12 o'clock labs circut board that you have to install into the DRC light. Not a huge deal, but I wished it would have come preinstalled into the light, those screws are small! I guess I will have a back up circut board if the fancy one ever dies.

Did everyones come separately, or did I get a "rush job" do-it-yourself kit.
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