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For the cage gas/brake thing:
Since I'm all automatic I of course brake with my left foot, cause it's faster, easier to handle (footle? ^^) and safer.

Originally Posted by Ozav8r View Post
The question you'd have to ask yourself is - will my life EXPECTANCY be affected by my proposed action - in your case a decision to spend your time in traffic ONE SECOND behind the driver in front of you, rather than the recommended 3 seconds
All in all my actions increase my life expectancy compared to many others - at least on the street. But independend of the recommended 1.8 seconds(!) just surviving isn't what one should be aimed at in life.

Originally Posted by Ozav8r View Post
If nothing else - at least acknowledge that while riding you will have NO TIME AT ALL, to enjoy the ANY OTHER VIEW, than the brake lights of the vehicle in front of you. Hope they're nice and shiny
It would be stupid to stare at the brake lights of the vehicle in front of you. The more the closer it is. On the other hand if your "any other view" is not related to the street and your surrounding traffic, that's stupid as well. (I'm also no friend of using the GPS or speed signs to choose your speed.)
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