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Originally Posted by Lav1200 View Post
The stock flasher on my '07 610 broke at the little pins. Doesn't appear to be a very robust design, so I thought I'd replace it with one that has 1/4" spade terminals.

Picked up a generic 2-terminal 12 V flasher at auto parts store, but now the signals come on, but don't flash on/off. I can hear the flasher click once, but that's it.

Is there some special flasher I need to use? I'm not running LEDs, just the stock signal lights. I have the "B" terminal wired to the hot lead (red/green), and the "L" terminal to the load (blue/black).

Any suggestions?

It sounds like the lights don't draw enough current to operate the relay coil and you need a flasher with a lower amp rating.

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