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Originally Posted by BenZvan View Post
I can tell you the reason I haven't done any cosplay. I'm a perfectionist and I don't feel I could do justice to it. Donning the costume of a well-known and well-loved or -hated character and walking into a room full of fanatics feels like inviting criticism.
Ben, I won't say that your reasons are wrong -- they're your reasons -- but I just wanted to throw this out there: When one bases one's actions on the praises and criticisms of others, it amounts to being inauthentic with Self. It is disempowering and puts one in a victim role.

True perfection is not found in the outcome. It is found in the journey.

Originally Posted by AntiHero
Glad you made it.
Thanks, man. After nearly 22 years in Japan, I'm ready for my journey to take a new turn. Your RR and those of the others here remind me of just how much of North America I haven't seen. I used to say "you can never go home", but I think that was just me making excuses to run away from myself. I do things differently now. I'd be seeing home with entirely different eyes and methodologies.

Riding the TCAT (and TAT) are now priorities. I'm a bush-baby at heart, but working in tech has had me in cities pretty much all my adult life. It won't be much longer, though, before (as with you) a laptop and a 'net connection will be all I need to run my businesses. Once that happens, I'll be out of excuses.

Hope you find your next Jun....she's out there!
My wife would probably prefer that I get over it already. In the meantime, it's worth exploring why I had the reaction I did and then put those findings to work in my marriage. It's bound to make things even better than they are.

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