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Days fifty nine through sixty four, 3-14- 3-19-13

We woke up and moved to a different hostel. One that was much nicer and much cheaper.

Then we went for a little ride around Boquete. The town itself is quite beautiful. Very upper class and nice. It was really a nice change from the third world that we had been in for so long. The next day we went for a ride to some waterfalls.

One you could ride right up to but the others you had to hike straight up a muddy path for a few miles. On the way back we stopped at a botanical garden.

Then we cooked diner to celebrate Marnix and Lisons one year on the road anniversary.

After diner we all drank a lot. I donít remember some of the little details but I remember having fun! We went to a pool hall that was strictly local and they were nice enough to let us stay. Then we proceded to get wasted and make asses of ourselves. Oh well we were celebrating. I felt so bad the next day I didnít leave my bed. The day after we went to Coranado where Andyís dads friends friends friend lived.

He was a very nice guy to just let two people he had never met stay at his home. Awesome. Didnít get to play golf but his lady friend cooked us an amazing meal and we talked fishing and life all night.. Next stop was panama city.

There is a lot of construction in panama city. I guess they are trying to make nicer sidewalks for the crackheads to sleep on. The traffic is horrible and you get detoured every quarter mile for construction. This is a shitty shitty town. You have to be very aggressive driving here. We drove around for hours looking for a hostel. They were all booked up so we settled on a hotel in the ghetto. The next day we went shopping to get all the stuff for the boat; mostly beer and liquor. And we went to the panama canal.

The people here are literally fighting to get on busses. There are too many people and not enough busses so they scream and hit each other to secure their spot. We met back up with marnix and lison who informed us that they would be flying their bike to Columbia rather than joining us on the boat. We had some drinks and went to sleep.
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