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Hey guys!

Thanks for joining us!
I don't know about "epic" - it's only 2 days of riding
But I appreciate all the enthusiasm!

OMG! MediumWan!!

Thanks, Rick!

Friday 3/22/13

The ride up...

Our trip was almost over before it started.
Matt was going over the bike to check for damage (we had just ridden 2500 miles in Baja),
when he discovered that our front rim was cracked.
There were 2 spots actually, but this one is the worst.

Excel A60 1.6”

Son of a biscuit!
Matt called around and tried to get a new rim overnighted...
but no luck.


He spoke to Radek and luckily, Radek had an extra rim that he was willing to let us borrow for the ride. Thanks, Radek!
Whew. That was close.

Ceasar had just gone to Canada to pick up a bike.
While he was there, he got some Mitas tires (including a couple for us).
Matt had never tried a Mitas, but they sounded promising.
Thanks, Ceasar!

Mitas E-09 Dakar.

With limited time for riding, we were trucking up to Reno with Bartek and Rick.
While waiting for El Smartek, Matt got bored and took my wife bike for a spin.

It was a long drive.
I think Smartek is working too hard...

Thank goodness for bananas! And real bananas, none of that pig food.
Matt had stopped and picked some up at Mi Tierra as a surprise.

We got to Scott’s place around 5:30pm.
Smartek is such a fine guest.
As a hostess gift, he brought Scott a new front tire, to replace the evil MT21.

The guys were going to be sleeping in the man cave upstairs.
While we were up there, I spied Scott’s Baja 1000 trophy!
Shhhhh - don’t let him know I took some pics...

Pretty awesome, huh?

The jeep that Scott and his fiancee raced in V2R.
Very cool.

Scott has a great shop and lots of nice toys.
He showed us all his fun stuff and gave us a tour of his beautiful home.
Meanwhile, Radek and Ceasar were on their way.
Radek was driving down from BC, swinging by Northern Cali to pick up KTMADV.

photo: rburkat

They arrived shortly after we did and the guys started loading the bikes.

photo: rburkat

Radek was kind enough to let us use his awesome truck.
Without it and Scott’s trailer, this wouldn’t have been possible.

photo: rburkat

After all the manly truck stuff, it was time for dinner.
Matt and I wanted to make dinner for the guys that night.
But, what to cook...

Originally Posted by Bgunn View Post

Guessing tacos won't be on the menu for awhile...

Nope! It’s always a good time for tacos!

Someone else would agree...
Say it with me....
"He was on that like Bartek on a taco!"

This guy, too.

Scott graciously provided real china plates for us.
But I can’t be trusted. I used a paper plate.

Rick, Ceasar and Scott’s lovely fiancee Joanne.
Poor Joanne, we didn’t know she was a vegetarian. Sorry, Jo!

Then, it was time for beer and lies.

“Are you sure Radek is taller than me?”

We had a brief discussion about safety.
Scott had been wanting to talk about an extraction plan.
This was going to be some seriously remote riding and any injury was going to be a big deal.
There had recently been a tragic accident in Hawthorne, NV.
Several Marines had been killed and several others were gravely injured (the story is here.)

The survivors had been airlifted out but it still took over 40 minutes in a helicopter
to get to the nearest hospital.

And these people were Marines.
At a military training facility, prepared for an emergency.

It had highlighted just how isolated and far out we would be.
(the first day’s riding would go right through Hawthorne)

I think we decided that the plan was “don’t get hurt.”
If someone did get hurt, the most important thing was to get out.
Get to the highway as quickly as possible.
Because who knew how long it would take to get help...

And, with that, Scott replenished our first aid kit with vicodin.

I’ve made a huge tiny mistake...

No one wanted to go to bed, but we had to force ourselves to turn in fairly early.
The next day was going to be a long one...

OSO LOCO!! osoooo!

Oso bored? you can find the rest of our ride reports HERE
make stupid your favorite!
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