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Saturday 3/23/13

The next morning, we got up around 4:45am.
Scott helped rouse everyone by blasting some old school funk.

He and Joanne had thoughtfully provided a yummy breakfast.
Ham and feta croissants, muffins, yogurt, etc...
Thanks guys, it was fantastic!

photo: rburkat

When we got out to the garage, it was a balmy 15įF.

Holy crap!

Iíve made a huge tiny mistake...

No one had prepared for cold weather. After all, this was desert riding...
I guess it was a good thing that we had 6 hrs in the truck before getting to the start.

Blurry map. The race starts in Beatty.

Wait, does anyone else see that on the map - Magruder Mountain!!
Magruder! The guy's a frickin' genius! Magruder!

Enjoying some gas station coffee.

Our fearless leader, Goggles Pizano.

Eventually, we got to Beatty. Now it was time to unload the bikes...

And put the Ridgeline on the trailer.

I was super happy.
If the Ridgeline hadnít fit, I would have had to drive instead of ride...

Check out Radekís cool new seat...

How awesome is that??

Fueling up.

Every rider filled his bike and an extra gas can.

MediumWan was a little nervous about keeping up with the big bikes.
He didnít need to worry - he did great!

It was a special treat to hang out with Rick.
Usually he's too busy being a grown up to do stupid shit with us.
But, this weekend...

The Canimal was stoked (as always)!

Testing out the GoPro...

This first section was supposed to be pretty, so I was going to ride with Matt a little.
At the first pit, I would get off and keep Scott company in the truck.
Here we go! The starting line...

Thanks, Scott! (although, Matt noticed that you were waving your bad arm )

The road started off pretty fast.

Over the shoulder Radek...

Kinda like Baja...

Lookiní good!

How about some video?
Radek was so cool about filming us.
It was a blast!

HD if you want it...

That Mitas tire felt great here, in the beginning.
It was a little skatey, but Matt really liked the way it felt in the sand.

Hmm. Iím not sure what these guys are looking at...
Matt and Radek were the only ones with GPS units.

This was a bigger group than I was used to.
Great guys, though. A really fun bunch.

But we did have to stop frequently to gather the herd.
The trails out here criss cross and itís easy to get lost.

Smartek and Radek

I think this is the moment when I snapped that photo...

They were chomping at the bit...

Go get Ďem, boys!!!

OSO LOCO!! osoooo!

Oso bored? you can find the rest of our ride reports HERE
make stupid your favorite!
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