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Originally Posted by Alaskahack View Post
Wow This is the second time you have written threads about camping in places your going to visit. And what you have written as possible requests are not available in most camp grounds in Alaska

Most the places you have listed are not great attractions to begin with they are just places were people live

And then you mentioned Alaska Trails Camper Park. And I thought WTH was I missing?

I've lived here 30+ years, and how was it possible to miss something like this.

And yes KHuddy I do know where Russia is

So I decided I really should get out more and decided to drive out to the Alaska Trails Camper Park.

This is looking towards Denali

Those buildings you see in the distance are the States famous Felony Flats. (they were temporary structures that were rented to people for $800. or so a month and didn't have toilet facilitys

Our major highway between Anchorage and Fairbanks (Parks Hwy)

Signage for the Campground

Some of the 100 spaces available in the summer, but there was a sign that said they were open now

Better picture you can see the office

Now I realize that there still is snow on the ground and that it will look a lot better in the summer with the light colored gravel

I really hope this is on your itinerary give me a shout out via the supplied wi-fi and I'll come and visit you
Really did not mean to bash you in anyway if so I apologize. I have tent camped from a motorcycle for 40 years I am now 67 and still love to camp but with wife along simply wish to find the better campgrounds with amenities. In my post I simply was turning to the residents of our great state of Alaska to find the better campgrounds (if they exist) in or near the towns we wish to stay in. I am not afraid to ride or camp on gravel but simply do not wish to ride into the back country and dry camp...too dam old.

Thanks for the pics...I really do appreciate everyone's input.

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