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Originally Posted by rgb2cmyk View Post
I have a 2012 GSA and am wondering about doing the 600 mile service myself.

I'm not worried about 'can' I do it myself, but rather 'should' I do it?

I know I can, I did most all of the maintenance on my '09. I've read around the forum and the debate almost as never-ending as an oil thread.

The question is more have people had issues down the line with BMW (warranty etc) having done their own 600 mile service? What about doing half the service, aka engine and FD oil, and then bringing it in for them to 'look over'?

Certainly there's savings to be had by doing it myself, the dealers around here it's going to be $400 or so. I'll pay it if it will save me hassle down the line, but that does buy an awful lot of farkles.

All maintenance beyond I plan on doing my own, I'm just wondering about the 600 mile.
You can do it yourself. However, if you have a warranty issue the dealer might say that you didn't properly service or maintain your bike. Personally, I think the 600 mile one should be done at the dealers, and everything else could be done on your own.
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