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Hey Bogieboy.

This is what it says on my case. It's a G7E.

However, I've been into my local Kwakka dealer and got the parts diagram for my bike and I've been cross referencing with other bikes of a similar time on The KE100, as you say, appears to have an identical transmission. However, there is a discrepancy in 1979 (my year) where it has two separate tranmission diagrams depending on which KE100 A- model it is. That's confused me a bit. It also shows this on the American 1976/1977 KH100 diagrams. There is a listing for Transmission and another for Transmission/Drum. What's that about?

In the meantime I've taken a punt and purchased a complete 1992 KH100 transmission from the UK in fine nick. I couldn't find parts diagrams for the later KH100s but I'm just blindly hoping Kawasaki kept the same trannies OR there are at least lots of usable parts. Worst case scenario I put it back on the market.

I also wanna nab this to give it a try because it is so cheap ( but they don't ship to Australia.

I'm a relative newbie here but would anyone stateside consider being a proxy for me? I'll somehow buy you a sixer of your favourite brew for the favour :)
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