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And what did I do today? Due to the amount of traffic on the weekends here in Montreal I went out walking....and after 20 min. or so, started to see more and more superheroes. After verifying with a very forlorn looking Captain America that, no, people in Quebec don't celebrate Halloween on Sept. 16th, I was pointed to the convention center, where Comicon was in full-swing.

I don't know if all the geek shows are following me around (stumbled upon Gamecon in MN), or if my inner-geek-magnet just hones in on this kind of stuff....

You chose this path by your name. Whether conscious or not you chose this marker.

You chose the 'heroes' journey.

From loss, pain... a woman. You chose this 'reaction'.

It's not surprising that you keep meeting wanna' be's. They are a mirror for you. No matter how hard you ride a Ducati Sport bike of your dreams.

I know this because I KNOW too much. And it saddens me. On too many levels.
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