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Originally Posted by The Meek Minded, Christian Horner
Christian Horner says Sebastian Vettel’s defiance of team orders during the Malaysian Grand Prix showed he has the competitive instincts of the F1 elite.

“He’s a very, very driven individual,” said Horner in an interview with Sky. “You don’t win the amount of events he’s won, the amount of grands prix he’s won, the amount of success he’s had in his career by being a driver that is submissive, that sits back.”

“If Fernando Alonso or Lewis Hamilton had been in that position they’d have done the same, if Mark Webber had been in that position we’ve seen him do the same. So let’s not kid ourselves that this is something unique to Sebastian, this is something that’s in any competitive, driven driver’s DNA.”

What a dishrag statement by Horner. He essentially gives Vettel the pass that Webber said he would get, green lights disobeying team orders where they conflict with driver's best interests, and undermines his own management in the team. While he may be right in that their highly competitive nature can cloud their team thinking, what a poor management statement to make.

There you go Mark Webber, your team manager is essentially calling you a submissive douche bag for not having turned the wick back up and fought back to pass Vettel for the remaining laps.
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