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Originally Posted by DockingPilot View Post
Not North Korean. East German.
The Gear oil is Castrol SAF-XO 75w90 and dealers are getting it. In fact you can buy it for less then half at any Land Rover Dealer. I did and have it in my bike right now BMW charges $40 a quart for it, $16 at the Land Rover dealer.
And for what its worth my dealer will not put 20w50 in. I asked, they said no. 10w40 only now. Put 10 different dealers in a room and youll get 20 different opinions. I tend to lean on the factory directions. I mean they built it.
That is good information on the gear oil. I paid $42 fricken dollars for mine at the dealer but justified it figuring at leat 3-4 changes. Going to run by a Land Rover dealer to verify. Heck, I might buy a case and resell for profit!
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