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but orange inside...
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This all looks extremely painful!

Hurting your feet and knees really suck because you're incapacitated for so long, and they're so complex that the seldom heal just right. I hurt my knee many years ago while mountainbiking, it blew up to the size of a melon d-t internal bleeding and wasn't right again for probably two years! Give me a clean fracture on one of my big bones any day!

I also crashed my old bike off-road at pretty low speed (maybe 25 mph) maybe five years back. Thought nothing of it - I stood up right away and felt fine, bike looked fine. Ordinary stupid crash, happens to everyone. Then I look at my left boot and there's a chunk of leather missing from it the size of a one dollar coin. And this was the studiest thickest cow-leather type leather you can find - probably 5 mm thick.

Holy fuck! That would have been my foot if it wasn't for the boots! Thanks god for ATGATT!

Hope you get well!

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