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Mar 9 - 10 Arequipa

Got some routine stuff done, laundry, maintenance on the bike and above all, planning. My planning for this trip has been to figure out what I will do tomorrow and maybe an idea for a couple of days. So, long storey short, I prety well have my head up my ass most of the time. My long term plan pretty well consists of "Go South" and, I agreed with certain people to be home mid-April.

Now I start looking at the calendar and realize I have only about 3 weeks left for my self imposed deadline of shipping from Buenos Aires around the first of April that will give me time to see family in California and get home by mid-April. Thats three weeks to see the rest of Peru, Bolivia, Chile and Argentina. Im not going to be taking a lot of sights in. A bit disappointing as I'll just be glossing over those countries.

Looking back, I spent a lot more time in Colombia and Peru than I had intended and still didnt get to a lot of things in both countries. I don't regret the extra time in the least. I just have to figure out a way to come back here some day and pick up where I left off.

Looking around Arequipa, they have a nice Plaza that, like many other Latin American cities has a street set up as a mall with pedestrian only use.

Of course you know there is a tourist component when you start to see some of the familiar fast food names. Here, they squeezed all four into one building.

Went down to the Plaza for dinner one night and had this pork. Excellent.

The restaurant was kind of ratty, but they had a great location and a very pleasant view over the Plaza.

The only detraction was that there was a stop light on the corner right below the restaurant. Everybody in Peru honks their horns all the time . . . particularly the taxis . . . particularly if they aren't moving. The light can be red and they are still beeping away. Had to take a couple of deep breaths and have another beer as I really felt the need to go down there and go postal on a few of those bastages.

The Plaza at night looking at the Cathedral.

A couple of pics of the streets in the area. Seem to be pretty old buildings that have been nicely cared for.

I ran across these guys erecting a scaffolding that I thought was so typical. "OK, now I can push the telephone cable over with my foot and I'll just push hard on the scaffold and it'l just jam that 220 wire over - no problem - insulation should be ok" . . . I waited around for some fireworks that never materialized - would have been spectacular.

Lunch was this outstanding sausage sandwich. The shake was good but they take the term "milk shake" literally as they are mostly milk.

Had dinner in the hotel again tonight had alpaca with a nice sauce.

I was the last one in the restaurant and start chatting with the waitress. She trying to learn English and so wed speak English for awhile then Spanish. It was a lot of fun. Maribel.

Really impressed with the number of people here who give the extra effort to learn English and how many more doors open for them when they accomplish it. Language school isn't free so, they have to work hard and sacrificeto pay for their language training.

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