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Many people seem fascinated by motorcyclists and the setting has a little bit to do with what I hear.

For example, riding in the Smokies on either bike during the riding season no one really pays much attention. But if I'm off the beaten path of motorcycling venues or otherwise out during the off season, I get two different sets of questions based on which bike I'm riding.

On the Gold Wing I usually get -
1. "Where are you from?"
2. "Where all are you going?"

And on the DR I typically get these:
1. "Where are you from?"
2. (Then looking me up and down) "You rode here from WHERE?"
3. (And then, looking at the bike) "You rode here on THAT?"

From there the discussion can meander into all kinds of questions about the bikes, fuel economy, comfort, whatever.

But the openings are nearly always the same.
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