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Originally Posted by NomadGal View Post
As far as the top end goes, I took the cover off while checking out the cam chain. and checked the valve clearance. On of the valves (left exhaust) was borderline, the rest was in the middle of the spec range. I decided to put them all on the looser side of the spec range, so I'm waiting for 2 shims that JettnJim is sending me. Logan had one shim that fitted, and I swapped one of the intake shims.
I am not taking the head off, if there is nothing I can really do about it right now, I can only hope that the blow-by was a one time deal that happened when overfilled Spirit's oil.
Wow...another wrenchin session for you. Spirit gets you where you want to go but like everything mechanical....theres a price...seems gas is the cheapest thing you can put into a bike...everything else is smucked knuckles and finding parts to fix the problem.

Its all okay E. Cycle World magazine voted the KLR650 the best most reliable motorcycle to ride in the event of a world apocolypse.

Good luck with this round of fixes. Save a little something for Spokane Daves 3rd Annual Tech Weekend at Diamond Lake in late May.
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