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I wouldn't spend any money on a non-usb3 or sata3 mobo, right now it's not critical but very soon it may force an early upgrade. I can find here in Greece right now an FX6300 (equal or better to most i5s, 6 cores) + usb/sata3 mobo + 8Gb ram (1333) for 250 euros, you can do it with $250 based on my research. I also wouldn't spend on an SSD right now, just get the motherboard ready for it and use an older, spare sata2 hdd, these things get cheaper by the month or you might be able to buy more Gbs for the same price tomorrow. $150 will get you pretty good graphics for 1-2 years. Bottomline I wouldn't buy used hardware, for that recent specs, if the CPU has been OCed for months (very probable) you might have an expensive CPU dying on you pretty soon.
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