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Thanks TC and Mike Mike for your morale support. I am an active guy and it is frustrating to be slowed down but being slowed down somewhat by a stupid incident has its own message and I have met some very interesting people as a result. The other day a guy came up to us on the beach wanting to sell us a fishing trip, or snorkeling, or an excursion. He saw the icepack on my knee and asked about it. I told him what had happened and that was the reason I could not buy one of his excursions. He returned about two hours later with some traditional medicines and directions on how to use them... I paid him for them and we booked a trip with him! Tomorrow we will fish for dorado, take our catch to a beach and cook it for lunch, go snorkeling and see a bit of this coast from the water... water and boats are a long term love affair with me... my next motorcycle will be a 36 foot sloop or ketch, then I can get into some really dangerous trouble! Another massage today to see if we can get the knee inflammation to calm down some more and more relaxing on the beach! Fortunately my daughter and her bf are totally independent and having a great time. That is one of the things I wanted out of this... some healing time with my kid... the endless divorce has been really hard on all of us... the kids have handled it their own way... I have handled it my way... and the mother who started the whole mess in the first place has managed to grow a cancerous breast tumor. Life has its little surprises and when the future becomes the present it is not always as we had envisioned it.

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The Way South
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