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Originally Posted by live2ridetahoe View Post
I used to work in that ER the Marines were brought to. Some of the finest nurses and docs I have ever worked with...

I ended up there once on the wrong side of the trauma table. I was flown in from Mammoth with a burst T12... but that is a story for another time. A time that involves tacos and beers.

God bless those and their families who serve in our armed forces.

Hi JG,
it's comforting to know those Marines were in good hands.
Thank you for not giving more details about your burst T12.
I googled T12 and the pics/descriptions freaked me out.
Hope you're better now...

Originally Posted by KTMADV View Post
Its nice having a couple of tire machines with you on the trail.
I have some good pics of the bead breakers coming up

Originally Posted by stevodadevo View Post
I want to come riding with you guys! Your trips look like so much fun!

Also, you two flat out HAUL on that 990. I'm impressed with your finger strength!

Thanks, stevodadevo!
hey, speaking of fun - aren't you leaving for Baja soon??
Have a fantastic time!!

Hi BeardThrone, sion, and BillUA!
Thanks for joining us (and for watching the videos!!)

Thanks for the cool links, Goggles!
It was really neat to see the trail from the sky like that.

Saturday 3/23/13, continued.

There’s Goggles! He knew exactly where to meet up with us.
Pit #1.

This stop was mostly for me. So I could get off the bike and into the truck.

Bye, Mr. Honey! Enjoy your freedom!

Oh yeah. Radek and Bartek also took the opportunity to swap bikes...

So, Scott and I drove to the next meeting point...

Right about here - Hardluck City Road.

This looks like something for a ride report -
old mining stuff I imagine...

Meanwhile - out on the dry lake bed...
BigWan had a flat.
For once it wasn’t a screw or a nail.
He was running a patched tube and the patch melted off...A patched tube? Really, matt?
(I’ve made a huge tiny mistake...)

photo: KTMADV

Flat count -
BigWan - 1

And then they were ready to roll...

That first dot on the left is Matt doing a poppa wheelie.
It was kind of fun to watch on his helmetcam, but he says it wouldn’t translate well...

I thought this shadow was nice, though.

Working their way towards the next pit...

Scott spotted their dust pretty quickly...
Matt came in hot.

They were making some dust here, but it would get way worse later...

Quick check of Radek’s rim (the one we borrowed) far, so good!

And then they were off!

Looks dusty up there...

Guess they had some silt later on. Glad I missed it!

So, our next meeting place was an old runway.
Goggles had a good vantage point, he was looking for dust.

Yep. Here they come!


Woo hoo! Radek.

A 10 second video...





Poor dusty Rick.
He was a good sport, but he got seriously dusty on this ride.

Time to refuel.

Meanwhile, I was getting my gear together...
I was going to ride along for the next section!

OSO LOCO!! osoooo!

Oso bored? you can find the rest of our ride reports HERE
make stupid your favorite!

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