Thread: Is Mexico Safe?
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oops. meant to link the article. I know, it is safe, not to worry.
Originally Posted by rockymountainoyster View Post
Very bad, very sad but a file photo attributed to "stringer, Reuters" with no further attribution or date, place and time is stretching credibility a bit... where is the story that goes with the photo... every picture tells a story but this story is very incomplete. I would like to know more about this incident, why all the victims were bandaged in this way, who the people in the background are, where are the CSI babes and dudes with the rubber gloves, where are all of the soldiers and Policia Federal who seem to populate even the smallest crime scene here. Where did this picture come from? Other than an astounding 14K plus posts on this website what is the poster's cred. What is the motivation for the post? Without "redeeming social value" (Supreme court of the United States definition) this is just "murder porn" Please give this some context. Thank you for your time.
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