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Day sixty five, 3-20-13

After getting all our gear and all our groceries secured to the motorcycles we took off toward Carti. We had no idea where exactly we were going but just east down the Pan Am it was very well marked. The road is also very fun and only washed out in a couple very avoidable spots.

If you go fast enough there are a lot of roller coaster style stomach in throat moments. You have to pay the local Guni Indian tribe to go onto their land at a checkpoint and then right after a military checkpoint you turn right down the dirt road to get to the launcha.

The boat we had to load the bikes on wasn’t nearly as bad as I had expected.

And neither was the loading onto the sailboat.

Very easy. After we tied down the bikes we were shuttled back on the boat to an island that was inhabited by the Guni indians, one of whom runs a homestay.

We are plus one now with another biker from LA named Micha.

Every square inch of the island had a house built on it. We were the only three white people here for sure. The waters surrounding this beautiful little overpopulated island were filled with garbage. You could see the bottom through the crystal clear water but no rocks, no coral, only garbage. It was very sad. But the homestay was sufficient and the people were nice so…..

oh yeah and this was the bathroom. it drops straight into the ocean.
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