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Originally Posted by PeteN95 View Post
That is what all the other teams wish for!?!
If you're saying that every other team would want Vettel, that's an interesting proposition. I wonder?

I don't think think Mercedes would want him. I don't see that he's a huge step up from Rosberg, and he's not as good as Hamilton.

Ferrari have basically decided they don't want him. Not because he isn't better than Massa, but because they believe in a firm 1-2 and they don't have room for two prima donnas.

McLaren might take him. But coddled fair-haired little boy Sebastian's head might explode when he finds out that McLaren really mean it when they say both drivers are treated equally. Alonso didn't handle it well and I doubt Vettel would, not after all the pampering and diaper-changing that Red Bull and Helmut Marko have given him.

So now we're sliding pretty far down the grid. Who am I leaving out? Lotus? They might go for it, if money weren't an issue. Williams? I'd love to see that. Frank Williams treats drivers only a little better than Toro Rosso. Force India? Unaffordable.

So really, I would think his options are surprisingly limited.

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