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Originally Posted by Josephvman View Post

I was wondering when Vettel would finally erase all doubt that's he a complete dick, and he did so in grand fashion in Maylasia.

I think Webber has done a pretty good job of controlling himself in the face of Vettel's childish bullshit, and the way the team has coddled the petulant little twat over the past two seasons. Vettel may be a great talent, but I think he lost the little respect he had remaining as an honorable sportsman.

I've hated the guy with a passion ever since he pulled that bullshit on the podium at Abu Dhabi with David Couthard.
Hate is such a terrible word, try dislike it sounds much better. DC is a bit of a prick/cry baby as well and you don't have to look back to far to remember his antics
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