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This is a timely post for me in that one of these stems failed on my rear two days ago when i was re-inflating my tyres coming off dirt roads back onto sealed, STRANDED not a freaking thing i could do, however able to phone my brother who lucky for me lived an hour away and has a pick-up. We eventually got the bike to a shop on closing time, whipped the wheel off and the bloke pressed the bead in with a tyre change machine cut the old valve stem out, pressed the new and i was back in action. I do all my own maint. and strive for reliability and longevity and this failure disturbs me in that such a simple thing can leave you as well as dead in the water. Spent some time that night checking out you tube for ways to fit a new stem on the road and never found anything really convincing. Further searching the net turned up the angled metal bolt on stems that seem to be popular. Yesterday i spoke to a bike tyre fitter , his opinion is that the oe rubber items rarely fail and that a new rubber stem fitted at every new tyre change would guarantee no failures. Went on to say that in his opinion the metal units were a waste of money (and he sells them). Curious to hear anybody's take on this whole topic of broken stems, possible roadside fix, metal stem????
He is right, sort of. On a car you change it every 40K miles, and they pretty much never fail. Changing it on the bike every time will cost more than a set of metal stems. The 90 stems have the added benifit of easier access. They may never need changing as the rubber is not exposed to the elements. IMHO, worth the cost.

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