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Originally Posted by Jonnylotto View Post
The time is long past where you could build your own and save a lot of money.
1. What's your budget?
$500-$750 would be ideal.
2. How much of your current system can you recycle? Be honest. A 17" monitor is not reusable except as a secondary screen for a workstation.
Most likely nothing.
3. Are you mechanically skilled? Be honest here, too. Breakage during assembly is not covered under warranty.
Yeah, I kinda do this for a living, just on a bigger scale. Here's the kind of stuff I get to play with daily.

Many companies like Tigerdirect offer barebones kits and you add the extra parts. Other companies might let you do "delete" options (like Dell) but the savings are usually minimal.

PC Gamer, PC Mag, Maximum PC, etc, all offer build articles for PCs at various levels. PC Gamer, in particular offers a budget, middle and power system spec.

If you were my customer, I'd ask you what you want to play and how much you want to spend. Then I'd probably go with a combo of new and used parts, aiming for at least 40 fps for the game du jour.
Want to play skyrim, fallout, and the like.

Originally Posted by Dysco View Post
This article is really interesting in terms of a cheap, new gaming rig.
Haven't read it yet, but looks to be the kind of information I was looking for.

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