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Originally Posted by joef View Post
Are you for real man, A 3 time world champion just isn't because he is in the best car and only one of those years was out right domination of the field the rest he fought for. You can't say the same about Webber in the same equipment
Adrian Newey.

He's the one guy on that team who is irreplaceable. All the rest are interchangeable parts, all of them. Well, except for the guy with the money, of course.

Seriously, Red Bull have devised an almost unbeatable strategy/car combination. The key is to be at the front. Qualifying is vital. Vettel, to his credit, is a very, very good driver when the track is empty. Put him deeper in the field and he and his car are usually less impressive.

The brains of the operation is Newey. He consistently outsmarts (and out-cheats) the opposition. His cars deliver the fastest lap times thanks to the grip he finds in fast and medium corners. His lack of top end speed doesn't matter, as long as his cars are at the front. Which, thanks to him, they usually are.

No, Weber isn't Vettel's equal. That hardly makes Vettel the best in F1, though. Remember the first half of last season, when Webber's results were roughly equal to Vettel's? It was written that the car was favoring Webber's driving style.

When faced with a choice, Red Bull tailored their car to Vettel's driving style last season. That was the right thing to do. One assumes they always try to do so. Vettel finished the season with an emphatic bang, a dramatic change in form.

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