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Originally Posted by Dream Rider View Post
This person nailed. Push left, go left, push right, go right and look through the turn!!!!!!!! Just go to an empty parking lot ride at a fast walk and push the bars right and left and you will see what happens. simple. Really.
again though; for a newbie.......... half to quarter? of the folk might read that statement as opposite of what your intending. AKA they interpret push left as "push with left arm" and not as "push the handle bars toward the left" That's now all Ive been trying to get across. When I first read it ........... I read it as push with left arm......... which would be a right counter steer.

A teaching/learning tool "saying" needs to have a higher rate of being interpreted correctly than what "push left", "push right" does

I'll try an experiment to see how many do which. Feel free to do the same. Experiment set up is easy. Put a pen on a table and stand/sit a person behind it and place first finger of each hand on the table with their fingertip at each side/end of pen. Just tell them follow my instructions. then say "push left" and see how many folk push the pen leftward (push right finger tip upward rotating pen to the left) and how many push with their left finger (rotating the pen to the right) Would be interesting to know also how many first ask for clarification which you mean (push leftward or push with left finger) so note that too. If they ask for clarity just tell them to "guess which you meant" and record what they do.

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