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JerryH, I might be the only redneck you meet that wears a Roadcrafter and rides a BMW....but thanks for the stereotype.

I owned a ST for three years and put 50K miles on it before I sold it and bought a RT. The ST is one of the most reliable, fun, capable bikes on the planet. It is also quite comfortable IF you take the time and spend the bucks to make it fit you. Very low cost to maintain to boot.

The RT fits me very well and the only thing I've added to it was my Zumo 550 that I already owned and a set of Illium Works highway pegs for my knees. That's it! My dealership consists of good guys/gals and don't spend any of your money that isn't needed. They even let me hang out in the service bay while my bike is being serviced so I can learn.

Does the RT cost more to maintain than the ST? Yes, but not as much as a difference as I thought it would.

To the OP, I think a Wing you fit your needs if you ride two-up. Connie, FJR or ST if solo. I know, it has been said many times on this thread already.

I just thought it was cute that I was basically being called a yuppie and had to respond.
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