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Yesterday evening around 5pm, Brian rang and invited me on a quick local ride. What the hell, I thought. Nice way to rack up some more kms on Big K, so off we went. It was a fantastic evening for a ride, or so I thought. Meet at Dome Pinjarra, then south on the South West Highway to Waroona. Still restricted to 4000 rpm so held the traffic up a little on the way down there, but still a nice relaxed ride. At Waroona we headed west towards the Forrest Highway and the coast. Bad move. The sun was so low it was like riding blind. I had my sunglasses on and my tinted visor down but still couldn't see a damn thing. Brian was leading the way so I pretty much fixed my gaze on his bike and followed. Now, Brian is normally a very relaxed and what you might call a sedate rider. Until he gets on the Mighty DR that is. For some reason that bike turns him into a demon. But yesterday, even he was riding slowly as I have no doubt, like me he couldn't see where the hell he was going. I nearly went off the road several times at corners as I couldn't see the Tarmac at all. I rode most of the way with my left hand over my face trying to block out some of that damn sun. We made it to the Forrest Hwy eventually then continued west on Estuary Road. Normally a great twisty ride but at that time of night a dangerous deadly stretch that should be avoided at all costs! The reason- Our national emblem, bloody Kangaroos!

These bastards have no brain and have a habit of jumping out from trees right in front of you.

As we travelled through the countryside Brian pointed to his right. I was about 50m behind him and doing about 90kph. Next thing a bloody Roo hopped out right in front of me. To say I shit myself is an understatement. I grabbed at the brake lever and the front wheel locked up instantly so now I am skidding towards the damn thing. The Roo obviously got a huge fright at the sound of me skidding towards it and tripped over it's own feet and fell over on the road right in front of where I was heading. Instinctively, I say instinctively because my brain doesn't work quickly enough to make these types of split second decisions, I let go of the brake freeing the front wheel, and attempted to steer round the floundering beast. A couple of small bumps later and I was past it and still alive and amazingly still upright. I had run over its tail I think! A quick glance in my mirror and I saw it get up and hop off into the bush, no doubt just as terrified as I was!
I was shaking all the way home and had to console myself with a large dose of Morgans Spiced Rum on my arrival! Called Brian when I got back and he was oblivious to the whole incident!
Anyway, the morals of the story are, do not ride into the setting sun when travelling west unless you can ride by Braille, and secondly, stay well away from bush land at dawn and dusk because these big cuddly hopping bastards will have you.
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