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Originally Posted by GAS GUY View Post
Do you have a service manual ?
There is testing procedures for the cdi in the manual, but you will also need an ohm meter.

Also don't forget about the pickup coil, that is under the left cover with the stator.It gives the cdi the pulse signal so the cdi knows when to pulse the power to the coil.

There are 2 coil wires.One should be ground, and the other comes from the cdi and should pulse 12 volts on and off when you crank the bike.
If you have an automotive test light you should be able to see it blink.

You can also test the resistance of the pickup coil.
I was under the impression that those diagnostic procedures for the cdi always come back out of spec. Therefore, I didn't figure it was a viable test.

I have a local KLR inmate that I'm pleading to come by on Monday for some testing. Probably source a ohmmeter for the cdi test and rig up a light anyhow.

Originally Posted by GAS GUY View Post
When you crank the bike does your tachometer needle on your dash work ?
Because the wire from the cdi that pulses the coil also feeds the tach signal, so if your tach is working when your cranking you more than likely are getting your 12 volt pulse at the coil.
No gauges.
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