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Case, bearings and transmission

I did whack the ring nut with a punch and hammer a few times, but it's pretty soft and was taking too much damage. So I stopped and searched for the proper tool. Judging by the amount of force it took to remove it, the ring nut would have been destroyed using a punch.

Splitting the case for the 790 upgrade is not necessary. I'm doing it for three reasons.
  1. Last year I took my clutch apart too far and wrecked the little retaining wire that holds some stuff together that you normally don't touch. The old wire was consumed by my transmission... hard shifting... whining noises... etc...
    I replaced the retainer wire and flushed/cleaned it out as best I could and everything seemed fine, but it been nagging me as to what was left in the transmission.
  2. Check the bearings (see #1).
  3. Check if 3rd gear getting ready to explode!

On with the case!

Another special tool.

All clear.

Flip it and split it.

It actually came apart easier than my 350's.

And clean too!

1Countershaft/Gear, 1 St Drive
6Gear, 5 Th Drive
3Gear, 3 Rd Drive
4Gear, 4 Th Drive
2Gear, 2 Nd Drive
15Gear, 1 St Driven
27Gear, 5 Th Driven
21Gear, 3 Rd Driven
26Gear, 4 Th Driven
18Gear, 2 Nd Driven
14Drive Shaft

The 5th drive gear has some minor spalling, but rest look fine.

  1. What remains from that clutch retainer wire? Nothing!
  2. Bearings are tight and free spinning. As far as I'm concerned they are good to go.
  3. Gears look good too.

I'm putting the case back together in the morning.
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