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Hola Goggles y Smartek y KTMADV!

Aww, Scott - anyone can make a tiny huge tiny mistake
It only adds to the adventure.

Nice bars, Smartek!
Happy Easter to you and Mrs. Bartek, too!
Hope the Easter bunny brings you some chocolate!

haha, Ceasar knows the importance of hydration.
(I thought you might post that one...

Heh, thanks, nevermind!
OK, if you say it's epic, who am I to argue??
So glad you're enjoying the report, thanks for reading!

Saturday 3/23/13, continued.

More pretty light.

Blurry, but I don’t care.

It was going to be dark soon...

We were almost at Goldfield at this point.

Just needed to find Scott...

There he is!

When we pulled up, he said...”Hey, Matt - what's the flat count now?....”

Matt: "just one. Why?"

Scott: “.....‘Cause I have two.”

(I’ve made a tiny huge tiny mistake...)

Flat count -

Matt - 1
Scott - 2

Aw, Scott - not to worry.
The guys were on it (like Bartek on a taco!).

photo: KTMADV

Some people were more helpful than others...

photo: KTMADV

Scott had 1 spare, but not two.
First step was to get the Honda off the trailer.
Then they got the tires arranged so Scott could limp into Tonopah.

The boys were looking at a night ride - it was getting dark quickly.
Rick’s light is barely better than a candle, so his bike went on the trailer and he rode with me.
Scott told us to go on ahead and secure the rooms (reserved, luckily),
and he’d meet us there.
So, I drove the Ridgeline, and we went into town.

Us WanKers did a lot of night riding in Baja
but I never had video to share.
This time, Matt got some.
A couple screen shots....

I thought it was kind of neat, so I have a short clip.
The first part is normal, with some road hazards just for fun...
but about halfway through I sped it up.
4x, then 8x (til the 990 sounds like a 2 stroke ) all the way through Tonopah...
ending at the motel door.

I have to thank Goggles for the motel.
Originally, the guys wanted to camp. They were pretty set on it, actually.
Then Scott emailed that the forecast was for 30F.

He said the Clown Motel only had 6 rooms left (and we needed 3).
Wait. Did you say “Clown Motel?”

Anyway, the next morning I called and reserved 3 rooms.

I’m not exactly scared of clowns, but I’m not into them either.
So, when I walked into the lobby and saw this...

I admit I had a slight twinge of "I've made a huge tiny mistake..."

I blame Poltergeist.
(okay, maybe I’m a little scared of them...)

So, Smartek had planned on making a huge sausage feast for us.
He had special Polish sausage, artisan bread, and all the fixings.
Unfortunately, the BBQ (and the bread) were locked in the Ridgeline trunk...
and the trunk was jammed.

(I could go take a pic, but it’s easier to snag one from the interwebs)

It was awful. We tried everything.

First Rick, Scott and I attempted to open the trunk.
Then, Matt. No luck.

I’m so sorry, Bartek! We still feel really bad about screwing that up for you.

At least the tons of beer that Ceasar and Radek brought weren’t locked in the trunk!
(thanks, fellas -
that beer was great! )

So, instead, we ended up at the Mizpah Hotel restaurant.

It was 10pm, so we were lucky we even had that option!

I tried to get a photo before everyone started eating, but
they were hungry!

Mmmmm...burger. The fries were good, too.

Some drunk lady tried to lure the guys into this bar.
Who knew that Tonopah was such a happenin’ place?

But not for us.
The next day was going to be even longer.

Everyone needed their beauty rest.

OSO LOCO!! osoooo!

Oso bored? you can find the rest of our ride reports HERE
make stupid your favorite!
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