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Thanks for all the kind words and subscriptions, folks. If I get too lengthy, well, you'll live.

First day down and only 61 more to go. Fortunately for you many of them were MUCH less action packed. Others more, though. More to come.

Originally Posted by Falcon86 View Post
Awesome start, looking forward to it!

The handmade bracelet quote instantly brought me back to Deb trying to sell Napoleon the "boondoggle key chains" to which he replied he already made infinity of those at scout camp lol.
Haha never thought of the connection. Too funny.

Originally Posted by augiedog View Post
sounds like a real honest adv ride to me. look forward to reading the rest. is this the bike you were on at the last hawthornes meeting?
Yep, that's the one. We've done a lot of miles together over my few years with her. Sorta like your FZ, but a few less
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