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Originally Posted by lkchris View Post
Castrol SAF-XO is a specially formulated full synthetic. There are no "equivalents" and yes, it's not available at WalMart.
That might be correct.
However, it is not how the world works.

A designer of any mechanical device which requires oil will design around come physical properties
of the oil. These properties are detailed in the requirements the oil must meet (or exceed).

In addition, BMW probably holds a bidding context among producers for the honour of being "recommended".
This year Castrol won that contest and paid the most, and BMW, this year, supplies their oil.

It might be true that some oil from some random producer is "special", but the engine and drive-train
is designed to run on any oil that meets the requirements. That is in fact the sole purpose
of requirements.

As a contrast: Do you really think BMW would restrict their global out.reach to those markets where
Castrol happens to be present?

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