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Originally Posted by Plaka View Post
The valve doesn't move at all.When removing you ball up a rag and put it in the combustion chamber. When installing you put a piece of masking tape over the valve (to keep it from pinching some thread off the rag), and do the ball up a rag routine again. I do this irrespective of the tool.

I grab the keepers with either a pick, a pair of hemostats or a small bar magnet. I usually lay out all three and grab this or that.

if you do the socket routine a 7/8" oxygen sensor socket is sweet. That was my first attempt but I screwed it up and it was less work to do something else than try to recover it. I still could have used the socket with my arbor press and a wood angle plate but that isn't the sort of stuff owned by people without a valve spring compressor.

Was that your tool I saw? Big C-clamp with two pieces of key stock welded on?
The concept here is much like a VW tool I've seen, used for changing valve springs on an assembled motor.

I've been able to use a conventional Craftsman valve spring tool, but I admire the creativity here.
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