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The sailboat

First off let me say that before taking this trip i had read alot of negative reviews. the food was bad, the captain was rude, everyone was sick, the loading of the bikes was sketchy, etc... This WAS NOT my experience. I had a great time. All the passengers were so much fun. the captain and crew were very friendly. The captian had some strange views about politics and the government conspiracies but I'd expect anyone that has been out to sea for 28 years to be a little off. In fact I trust crazy over saine in this situation. The food was great! Three hearty meals a day. And we may have lucked out but the seas were fairly calm and it was only the last day anyone even got a little woozy. No worries loading and unloading the bike either. I never once felt like my bike was going to fall in the ocean and the captain supplied tarps to help reduce ocean spray, which there was none of. From MY experience I recommend this trip to anyone.

Day sixty six, 3-21-13

The first leg of our sea journey had us moving only about ten miles down the coast. After shuttling back out to the boat we waited for the rest of the passengers, backpackers crossing the darien gap. I was a little nervous as to what kind of people I would be stuck with. But it was clear when they arrived that everyone was on the same page, and that page was party. We started early drinking as the captian sailed us to our first island.

We partied and swam around before having an amazing lobster diner and headed to the island for a bonfire.

Then back to the boat for a long night. We partied so loud a boat on the other side of the bay complained to our captain and forced us to shut off the music.
Day sixty seven, 3-22-13
I woke up on the deck of the boat to the sun beating down on me. No idea what time it is but a beer and some fishing sounds good. No fish, lots of beer. We somehow went through seven half gallons of rum last night between fifteen people. Good times I think. Everyone slowly started appearing from different parts of the boat and the party got started again as the captain motored us to our next stop. Here their was another island with a bar and a volleyball net, and some other people. After an epic volleyball battle we had another huge meal and drank the bar dry until returning to the boat for more late night partying.

Day sixty eight, 3-23-13
The days of partying and sunshine are catching up to everyone. We are all sun burnt and hung over but a few more beers might help one or both of these complaints. We hung out around our island all day protected from the heavy seas by the coral reef. More swimming, fishing and partying. I decided to take it a little easy today knowing that tonight we would be entering the open sea on our 30 hour trek against the wind through rough ocean to Columbia. Not the ideal time for a hangover.

Day sixty nine, 3-24-13
Most everyone is in some form a little sea sick. A few of us are completely fine. I am surprisingly doing fine. I remember as a little kid my dad taking me deep sea fishing for my 14th birthday and puking for 5 of the 6 hour journey. This memory has haunted me since I signed up for this sailboat trip. But no puking or even much uneasiness. Everyone is just kind of scattered around the boat sleeping so not much going on today. I guess Iíll just sit in the sun and watch the dolphins swim next to our boat. Life is hard. Tonight is I guess when the seas get really rough near Cartagena so I will tell you about that in tomorrows posting. Oh and in case you have been wondering 9 girls 7 guys. All very beautiful.

Day seventy, 3-25-13
The ride across the sea was smooth. A little bumpy but nothing outrageous. We pulled into Cartagena in the evening and spent one last night partying on the boat.

The columbians were so excited for our arrival that they shot off some fireworks right as we entered the harbor.

Today was a holiday so they informed us we would not be able to get our bikes from customs until tomorrow. So we left them on the boat and went into town in search of a hostel. Micha, Andrew and myself decided to go in together on a hotel room to save some money and have a nice hot shower. Everyone else went to a hostel about a block away. We walked around the city to take in the views. The old town section has a really nice market surrounded by historical buildings.

We eventually met up with the rest of the crew and had a few beers before bailing out early to get some rest. We had to be at the boat at 6:30 to unload the bikes and head to the customs building. It was a nice goodbye to everyone and hopefully not the last time I will see some of them. Being on a boat in the middle of nowhere with other people you make good friends quickly.
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