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Well, I had plans last night in Nashville. Tonight, though, may be another story!

I do believe we'll be headed back to the 'Nooga....

In other news, I almost got to see my boss throw down in a bar fight!

He was bringing the drinks for the ladies (it's good to have a wealthy & super cool boss!). Some jerk tried to take his seat next to the girl he was trying to hit on, and he simply said, "excuse me, I have these girls drinks...

So, dude kinda stood up in a pissed off kinda way, and made my boss spill a little bit of the booze on the girls!!

Apparently, my dude told my boss he was an idiot... So my boss man looked dude in the eye real serious like and said, "no, YOU are an idiot. Leave."

My boss is a self-made millionaire. Certainly NOT an idiot. AND, he has quite a bit of pull in Nashville.. He also happens to be a big guy that plays hockey... Not really a guy to mess with.

Needless to say, the other guy left...

... and there was much rejoicing!
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