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Originally Posted by Crazybob View Post
First, I thought you stayed in North Chatt so you could come over and drink my beer?

And it doesn't happen often enough.

Not to mention she lives within walking distance of Tremont Tavern.

She lives within stumbling distance... that place has AWESOME burgers and a GREAT selection of beer!!

Second, how the hell have we not managed to get you to Brewhaus? When are you in town? We need an immediate intervention of beer and brats!


And finally, You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy then some of these inmates. Good! For instance, every time Supermotodd helps me with my Land Rover I end up out of beer and needing another couple hundred dollars worth of parts!

It's no secret that the only thing you love more than spending money on vehicles, is your wife...

I need to get down there and test out my new windshield!
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