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Should be plenty of time -- slow down a little and smell the roses, or take some time to ride some trails in NM or CO before you head back. High passes will still be snowed in, but there's still plenty.
Originally Posted by jmp5us View Post
I am planning to head to TN to start this trail May 8th... I realize this is early but we are only riding the eastern portion. Due to work we only have about 9 days to ride.

We are planning on getting to Boise city, OK and jump off the trail and head to Colorado Springs to grab a rental truck and come back home. I figure this will be about 1,900-2,000 miles.

You guys that have ridden this portion of the trail, is this pretty do-able?
There is 2 of us riding, both with plenty of riding experience, we tend to ride at a pretty fast pace.

Thanks for the input! this thread has been great.
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