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Originally Posted by yns View Post
For a week now I go to work with a damn 100cc Chinese moped bike... (at least I still have a job in Greece... )

Long story short: Bike 37.000 km, a couple of weeks ago it starts turning on with the 2nd or 3rd effort. Clock turns off and then on again and resets doing the check from the start. I buy a new battery. It lasted ~ 200km. After some beers last Friday I had to walk home. Day after I started the bike with the old battery (that still had some life) and brought it home. With motor running I measured a pathetic 10,4V at the terminals.

Today I opened the stator case. This is what I found:

Does it look fried to you? For sure I have seen worse...

Here's what I measured with stator plug disconnected from the R/R:

Continuity between the yellow stator wires (1-2, 1-3, 2-3)

- Engine off (battery connected)
All tree between 0.6 and 0.9 Ω

Continuity between the yellow stator wires and earth (engine casing)

- With battery disconnected:
Wire 1 - ground: 1.2 Ω.....Shorted
Wire 2 - ground: 1.3 Ω.....Shorted
Wire 3 - ground: 1.1 Ω.....Shorted

- With motor running (4.000 rpm):
Readings went crazy but sometimes they showed numbers from 2 to 3 (Ω or megaΩ? - it's a professional instrument but I guess I don't know how to use it and if I'm supposed to check for continuity with motor running)


- Motor running idle:
Wire 1 - 2: 27V~
Wire 1 - 3: 26V~
Wire 2 - 3: 25V~

- Motor running @ 4.000 rpm:
Wire 1 - 2: > 75 V~
Wire 1 - 3: > 80 V~
Wire 2 - 3: > 75 V~

Your opinion? Is it the stator or should I search for an alternator?
Stator..... alternator... is the same thing. Looks like yours is shorted out. You can see the whole measuring method here...

Make sure you test for earth with the r/r disconnected.

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