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Originally Posted by Plaka View Post
Actually it works quite well. I wouldn't have posted it if the thing didn't work, and nicely. In fact I'd still be working on another version.

Took more time to take the nuts off the bottom and switch the tool to the other side than to put the keepers in. The valve has all kinds of float in the top cap and the thrust is withing fractions of a degree of strait down. The keepers just dropped in---which requires the valve be centered in the cap---so what's to bend? Careful who you listen to old son...I have the thing in my hands, I don't have to imagine anything.

It could use some refinement but it wasn't worth it for something I use every couple of years at most. Already it's faster than anything I've ever used. Don't look fancy but the geometry is right and the leverage is huge, you don't have to lean on the prybar a lot.

Got the top end put together today..went slow---I had to wire in a sensor and run an oil line first, real easy with the jug off, pretty ugly with it on.

I'm letting the gaskets season and I'll torque it all down tomorrow.

Oh no, you would never post things that don't work nicely. Like seasoning your gaskets, for instance.
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