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Originally Posted by yns View Post
In fact, all the measurements are made with the R/R disconnected. I have not changed anything to the electrical system apart from an extra 12V socket (directly on the battery) for charging the cell phone with the engine off. But I did this last summer... Seems that I have to go to an electrician to have the bike checked but first I will try to have a measurement done at the terminals with the socket disconnected (and the r/r plug connected) to exclude that this is that shorts out.

Edit: it wasn't the extra socket... And my neighbors didn't like the fact that I was testing with engine at 4.000 rpm at 10:00 pm...
Ha ha... I understand..... In my home country of Denmark, they would not look at this kindly either. You really dont need the electrician. Just do the three measurements, as in my thread. It is a series of tests. If any one fails, your stator is bad. Ie. You cannot have two tests be ok, and a third bad..... Then the stator is bad.

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