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Brakes and clutch and more weight saveing

Todays topic - fluids.

It cannot be described with my lack of vocabulary, what the situation is with the clutch oil on the KTM. There are possibly million different opinions for it and 5 -10 solutions for the bad slave cilinder on the clutch.
I went with this road - took everything apart, replaced the o-rings on the piston and bought a quart of oil. RED HOT - no chilli pepper though
Basically high grade ATF oil that is suitable for many purposes and seemed to fit there too. Needless to say - the old oil looked like something that comes from the oil sump of a 20yo truck engine.

Anyhow, oil got changed - everything put back together and some testing later, it was time for the brakes.
In the shop I asked for the normal "high grade" brake fluid - so this is what I got.

It is just one step lower from racing fluid and with the bottle I could do easily front and rear - double flush with bleeding and testrun.
Here one can see the old "pissyellow" fluid - was actually not that bad - absolutely worked and didnt boil even under hard braking.

And here is the true reason for taking everything apart.

Another way to save weight. Just remove front wheel - take off the bushings - unscrew the brake disc and take off the right side brake caliper.
Took me about 5 minutes to clean it all and take off the separate hose for the right side caliper and replace the seals and bolt the left side to the spot again.
Here is what came off -

Not too shabby - the most weight seems to be the bolts with the rotor. Caliper is lightweight alloy and well - the braided brake line was never going to be heavy.

Whilst looking at the wheel now - there are two small aluminium bushings on both side. They are the ones that basically keep the wheel turning and let the seals do their work - well - if dirt gets in there, then the soft aluminium bushings will wear out and the dirt gets through the seals and to the bearings. Mine were out. Like so out - i could barely move them with force. So this was the reason, my front wheel had no freerun.

Some new parts ordered and waiting goes on.
It is snowing again outside.

But I had a little chance to weigh the bike. With the fuel in - it was 205,6 kg.
So after letting it drip out - i managed to fill one 5l fuel can and had still enough in the tanks to make it float around and start the bike normally.
Soo - the endresult was pretty much exactly 200 kg
it was 199,6-9 KG. I guess, that coming from V-strom 1000, this seems like featherweight and makes me more confident to go offroad with this bike. But after a while - probably the weight comes back on with all the travel stuff. Still leaves the bike a solid 40 kg lighter than the previous.
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