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Originally Posted by marchyman View Post
OK, as long as I'm wishing for stuff is there any plan for a smaller pannier? Width is sometimes more important that capacity and the "width of the handlebars" is too much. I'd rather have a 25L and a 35L (or whatever numbers make the sides match) than a 35L and a 45L.
I had that thought as well. I'll talk to GlobeScout, but nothing smaller is in the cards quite yet.

Originally Posted by freefall109 View Post
this is my concern as well. I was about two days from pulling the trigger on a set of TT Zega Pros in the 31/38L combo until I saw these. I like them better, kudos..beautiful design! I have a Tiger 800 XC and am worried about the size, 42" seams too big for a bike that is made to be more maneuverable than a GSA!

1. Are there any racks that are slimmer, that would still accept the panniers? can I get the "lock-it" rack standoff spacing from the pillion on both the left and right. Understand Can side is spaced more, but by how much?

2. Is the 35/45 combo the only option, do you think a 35/35 could work?

3. Could I get the test report from the Tiger 800 owner?

4. Can the paniers lock to the rack?

Appreciate the info, I will hold onto this money a little longer now that you are in the game.

1. You can mount GlobeScouts on anything, pratically. They make puck kits for 15MM, 16MM, and 18MM bars. (that's pretty much any rounded hoop on the market) The racks that we use come in one flavor only. The exhaust side is about an extra 6CM out from where the non-exhaust side is. That's about perfectly the difference between the 35 and 45L pannier.

2. 35 / 35 will work. They will look slight off-balanced though, but not horribly so.

3. Sure. PM me. I'll also put it up on the site later this weekend.

4. Yes, we do offer a kit for that. It's $25, and basically two of these:

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